Springfield is located in the “Wood Basket” of Oregon, a valley surrounded by sustainably harvested timber lands with convenient access to Interstate 5, the region’s primary north-south freight corridor, also serving the needs of the West Coast.

Being in ideal proximity to fiber supply, a skilled regional workforce and urban areas for built project and construction demands places Springfield at the forefront of the Oregon value added wood products industry and a significant leader in the West Coast timber economy.

Wood products manufacturing companies in Springfield also benefit from energized support from City leadership, Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce and Springfield Public Schools to ensure a strong workforce with the critical technical skills and trades key to ensure that the industry remains relevant and accessible.  

Wood Products Manufacturing Support Infrastructure

  • Peer Network – A robust peer network of wood products manufacturers is 50 times more likely to be found in Springfield (*location quotient relevant to the US)
  • Workforce – 27% hold a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Incentives – Property tax abatement incentive opportunities to support locating or growing facilities and manufacturing investments
  • Utilities – Affordable, reliable utilities service through the Springfield Utility Board, including Diamond Rated for power service and Outstanding Performer for water service 
  • Housing – Affordable homes ($350,000 median value) in top K-12 environments
  • Lifestyle – Springfield is a scenic, walkable community
  • Work/Life Balance – Average 10-minute commute between home and work provides more time to experience more of Springfield’s many amenities and activities

2010-2015 Lane County Employment Growth

  • 148%   Wood Preservation
  • 106%   Custom Architectural Woodwork and Millwork
  •   75%   Gum and Wood Chemical Manufacturing
  •   32%   Engineered Wood Member Manufacturing
3:1 is the ratio used by local wood product companies – 3 trees are plants for every single tree harvested
$400M is generated in annual wages by local wood products companies
1.2M metric tons of CO2 is captured by locally produced wood products annually. That is the equivalent of eliminating the emissions of 255,000 passenger cars from the road
100,000 households could be constructed each year with resources supplied by local wood products companies
8,000 Eugene people are employed by wood product companies in the Springfield region
Springfield Wood Products Manufacturers and Employers
  • Guistina Group
  • International Paper
  • Roseburg Forest Products
  • Rosboro
  • Springfield Plyveneer
  • Swanson Group
  • Timber Company
  • Urban Lumber
  • Weyerhauser
Kingsford Charcoal Co.
The Springfield Oregon Kingsford Manufacturing Company charcoal facility has been in operation for over 50 years. Today, the 40+ acre site is home to over 90 employees manufacturing a substantial portion of the charcoal consumed nationally and in some areas of the globe.