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Springfield Oregon is home to a proud culture of craft beverage manufacturing. Now located in two Springfield locations, Swallowtail Spirits is a locally owned and crafted success story. 

With an early emphasis on the distilling of craft gin, Swallowtail first engaged the City of Springfield in an effort to identify much needed space. The quick conversation resulted in the company moving into their east Springfield manufacturing space in 2014. Within the first eight months of operation, Swallowtail Spirits Distillery received eight international and national awards including Oregon Distillery of the Year from the New York International Spirits Competition. 

Their passion and production have continued to grow and expanded into premium and flavored vodkas. Today, Swallowtail Spirits Distillery produces premium vodka, five flavored vodkas, including the quintessential Oregon Marionberry vodka, and four styles of gin (Navy Strength, London Dry, American/Contemporary and a barrel aged version of gin aged with Oregon White Oak). They have also expanded to include a unique Irish Whiskey based on a partnership with another craft beverage company, Ninkasi. 

With the growth of their success, the company began to explore additional opportunity for expansion and the City was honored and eager to be a partner at the table. Swallowtail’s second location opened in the heart of Downtown. Originally an automotive repair shop, the site required substantial renovations and Swallowtail utilized support from the City and Urban Renewal Agency to reinvest in the site, opening their doors in late 2019.

The Downtown Swallowtail location now offers a classy and unique location to enjoy spirits, food and live music. The space also includes small batch manufacturing doubled up with event space, adding additional energy, craft and a destination to Downtown Springfield’s vibrant and hip atmosphere.   

Springfield Project Elements

Recruitment Project (2014) and Expansion Project (2019)

Economic Development Support Received: Site Selection, Low Interest Loans, Systems Development Charge and Fee Payment Assistance

Specialty Food & Beverage Products


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